GCSE History Textbook: The Eastern Roman Empire

HomeGrownLearning, 2022


An ancient history General Certificate of Secondary Education textbook on the Eastern Roman Empire.



Iron Earth

University of Winchester, 2012


A sci-fi drama featuring four desperate souls trapped on a forsaken planet. Welcome to the Iron Earth.


Graphic Novel


University of Europe - Germany, 2021 https://archiv.ue-ge ... a-foitzik/

Contributing author.

A child lost and alone in a swamp. The comic is inspired by Annette von Droste-Hülshoff's poem "Der Knabe im Moor". It is about fear and anxiety and the courage that people need every day to overcome them.

Short Story

Free Time

The Telegraph, 2020

Writer. The Telegraph newspaper - Short story competition entry.

A man visits his Grandmother after many years away.


New York Syndrome

deviantart, 2012 https://www.devianta ... -313717136

Writer. Deviantart - Daily Deviation (March 25, 2013) award winner. Featured on deviantart.com's front page.

The New York pill replaced the function of sleep for the majority of humans on the critically, overpopulated Earth. Amidst the economic race between three global superpowers and Dozer terrorism, the not-so-distant future is bleak for London-based, factory worker Aaron Knight.




deviantart, 2011 https://www.deviantart.com/alec4u/art/Emperor-258109923

Writer. Daily Literature Deviations - 'Fists, Flowers and Fire!' contest winner.

A short poem about an ancient Japanese emperor whose reign was won with fire, maintained with an iron fist and celebrated with flowers.


Short Film


Reel Film Challenge, 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pygKmFwoa38

Writer and Director. A poor, wretched man attempts to overcome his past trauma through therapy.


Game Narrative

Rabbit Hole

She Was Such A Good Horse AB, 2022 https://shewassuchagoodhorse.com/

Project Writer.

Sniper Extinction

Barnlek AB, 2019 https://play.google. ... e.TSSniper


Mankind faces extinction as the people of Earth are thrown into a full-on war with an unknown invading force in this action-packed sci-fi shooter.


Please Knock On My Door

Levall Games AB, 2017 https://www.gamesfor ... n-my-door/

Consultant and QA Tester. The Game Awards - Games for Impact (2017) award nominee and Games for Change (2018) award nominee.

Please Knock on My Door is a story-driven game that gives you control over a person suffering from depression and social anxiety. Help them get through work and reach out to friends while desperately trying to survive.

Internet and Social Media

Eastern Roman History

Eastern Roman History, YouTube, 2020 https://www.youtube. ... vVnH4Z8U5Y

Contributing Writer, Editor and Video Editor.


Movie Trialers

Movie Trialers, YouTube, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gxfbo0AeknM

Presenter, Writer and Video Editor.


On Ice

Night Life

Documentary, 3sat, 2018

Writer, Co-Director and Video Editor. The documentary is in the post-production stage of development.

A modern study of abnormal sleep patterns and the harmful effects of Daylight saving time.


Final Liberation

NaNoWriMo, 2017

Author. National Novel Writing Month (2017) entry.

A transdimensional adventure featuring Four, a lost soul plucked from purgatory. He and his friends must travel through the plains of existence to fix the universal machine and save life itself.


In Development


Feature Film Screenplay, Since 2023

Editor and Assistant Director. The film is in the pre-production stage of development.

Untitled Film

Feature Film Screenplay, Since 2021

Writer and Co-Director. The film is in the pre-production stage of development.

Untitled Graphic Novel

Graphic Novel Script, Since 2015

Author. The graphic novel is one year into development.