Sniper Extinction

An international, specialist home guard operates in the shadows to defend earth. Under the guise of a paramilitary organisation, they appear to manipulate warring nations for financial gain. The truth is that they are a counter-extraterrestrial force. They fight against an insidious alien invader that seeks to conquer and convert the population of Earth. The organisation defends nations and rescues its civilians, troops, specialists and leaders. All the while, they study the alien invaders in search of a method to defeat them once and for all.


The operatives are seen as warmongering mercenaries who coerce the military forces of other nations into conflict. In actuality, they are coercing nations into self-defence. The alien invasion is of the utmost secrecy. Alien troops, known as Shells, are indistinguishable from humans. Widespread knowledge of the alien's Shell troops would cause untold world-wide panic and mass hysteria. Only serving to further the alien’s goal.


The conflict is a chess game between the defenders of Earth and the aliens. Everything hangs in the balance. One elite sniper can make the difference.