Adam Harris, 2023

6. INT. Galerie - Day

The Neue National Galerie in Berlin. A montage of shots of the two men next to cynical works by Neue Sachlichkeit artists. TED avoids TOM, engrossed by the artwork. TOM feigns a passing interest and works his way closer to TED. Tourists mill around, oblivious to the two men. TED stares intently at a piece: Otto Dix's Die Skatspieler. The three, disfigured men in the picture stare back.

TOM sidles up to him, and the two stare together at the painting. It's his turn to look rough, almost as bad as the card players in the picture.



Ugly bunch in these. Who's painted it all?






(Walking off)

Ha. Yeah. Bunch of art dicks.


We hold on TED as he contemplates the painting.