If the written English language was the earth, I’d be an asteroid. Not the apocalypse-inducing Armageddon variety, but the type which burns up in the atmosphere. The Oxford dictionary is as broad and deep as all the oceans and us British people are not known for our vanity. In my aspiring career, I’ve written and rewritten almost every sort of text you can imagine: fiction, non-fiction, screenplays, graphic novel scripts, video game narratives, essays, reports, blogs, web-copy and more than a few Haiku. I’m omnivorously curious, and writing always lures me into new challenges and a perpetual state of education and adaptation. You would be hard-pressed to find someone as stubborn and committed to the art of storytelling.


A scar moves the sky.

Though fleeting its light brands hearts

and lives through stories.


There is no greater reward for a writer than to inspire with a story (paid bills and a full stomach don’t hurt either). Even a small, burnt asteroid can leave a lasting impression if it catches the right eye in the right moment.

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Expertise Fiction Writing, Editing and Direction.

Skills Creative writing, Narrative and character development, Ideas and creative vision.

Location London, United Kingdom


Email alecmaynard@hotmail.com

Phone (+44) 779 278 0123